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GERVASI ECOLOGICA - Bennes pour collecte des déchets

Stands :

5 S 230

S.P. 23 del Sestriere km 29
10060 Scalenghe



Construction de semi-remorques et bennes en acier pour le transport de ferraille, déchets et recyclables

Communiqués de presse

  • Safe2Tip - Exclusive safety system for twin cylinders tipper vehicles

    16 Octobre 2017

    Safe2Tip is the exclusive safety system (patent pending) for twin lateral cylinders. Handling big volumes improves fleet profitability and sustainability, but requires extraordinary solidity and specific safety systems. Safe2Tip represents the latest achievement in the continuous research Gervasi Ecologica team dedicates to make safer and risk-less the tipping operations of big volumes up to 86 mc. The simultaneous action of the twin lateral cylinders already balances at best the vehicle body during the dumping process, particularly important when the surface is not perfectly firm and even, and thanks to the Safe2Tip exclusive system you can be sure of this perfect synchronism also in case of accident or unforeseen breakdowns. A further step towards the complete safety in working with trucks and semitrailers.

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