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SAMPA OTOMOTIV - LIAISONS AU SOL (amortisseurs, essieux, freinage, roues, suspension)

Stands :

5 T 207

Sabanoglu OSB Mah. Organize Sanayi Bul
No. 31

55300 Samsun

Communiqués de presse


    01 Novembre 2019

    Sampa develops and manufactures advanced parts suitable for European and American heavy-duty vehicles, trailers, buses, and minivans. We offer 30.000 references under 24 different categories to 140 countries with subsidiaries and warehouses in 14 major cities around the globe.
    One of these subsidiaries is Sampa FRANCE, that bridges to French market with Sampa's decades of production and R&D experience and world-class manufacturing capabilities.
    At Sampa we aim to go beyond being just a "choice" in the aftermarket; we dream with the science behind spare parts, create the most beautiful art pieces with our own unique language, capture the most unreachable harmony in quality and, most importantly, pursue to constantly do much better with our collective capabilities. For us, it is all about the journey of discovery, where every step we take is based on being better, stronger and the most compatible.

    Come, be part of it!