AVICEN : The IOT Fleet Management

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AVICEN aims to become an open and independent reference platform dedicated to exchanging, exploiting and monitoring data for all types of connected vehicles. Moreover, it allows companies and communities with a fleet from 10 to several thousand vehicles to reduce up to 40% of the actual usage costs per vehicles.

AVICEN chose SOLUTRANS to present its innovation!

How to reduce the costs associated with managing a fleet? How to know the status of its vehicles in real time? And how to make mobility safer, more responsible for the environment and more efficient?

It is precisely this challenge that AVICEN is taking up, the management of a fleet of vehicles being more and more complex, time-consuming and costly!

Through a single interface, AVICEN solutions allows to visualize in real time many performance indicators, to allow managers to decide and act quickly. The data thus generated is reliable and valuable but requires specific engineering and know-how. The open nature of the platform offers an endless source of high-value connected solutions and added services.

It is in this sense that AVICEN develops for the automotive ecosystem a complete technological and legal environment capable of exploiting the full potential of data from connected vehicles. 

AVICEN has been the winner of several awards for an innovative company. Many papers in the press and the media have testified to the dynamics of the company.


  • A startup founded in 2016 in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region in FRANCE.
  • A group of passionate entrepreneurs.
  • Already two years of research & development.
  • A team of 7 people and 10 additional recruitments by the end of 2018.
  • A consortium of strong automotive and new technology players.
  • An objective of 100,000 vehicles connected to its cloud platform and a € 57 million C.A by 2023.


  • Simplify data gathering and exploitation of connected vehicles.
  • Respond to the usage needs related to new mobility and its rapid evolution.
  • Allow fleet managers to learn from big data.
  • Anticipate maintenance operations and be alerted in real time of malfunctions to avoid heavy and costly breakdowns.
  • Reduce the vehicle loss ratio by 20%.
  • Improve the efficiency of employees by up to 50%.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint by up to 30%.
  • Reduce the actual cost of using a vehicle by up to 40%.

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